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Eurotex Flooring

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Eurotex Wood Pvt. Ltd. F-213,A Ist Floor, Lado Sarai New Delhi-110030

Our Product

Eurotex-High Pressure Laminates HPL Exterior Wall Cladding

Product Price:
INR 475.00 / sq.ft.
Cash On Delivery
Delivered in 7-10 business days.
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Product Description

Size & Finishes

Eurotex has two Sizes in their Production and Various finishes and various finishes offered are described in following table:

1240*2440             (4*8)                      32.04 Sq. Ft.

Test                                                    Std.                                              Result

Thickness Boiling Water                ± 10%                                         ± 5%
                                                                                                                 1. No delamination in 2 hrs.
                                                                                                                 2. No colour change of surface.
                                                                                                                 3. Water absorption less than 5%

Dry Heat                                             LD3 - 3.06                                  Complies

Resistance to Stains                       LD3 - 3.09                                 Complies

Resistance to Cigarette Burns      LD1 - 2.04                                 Complies

Tensile Strength                                 --                                               1100 Kg. / cm2

Compressive Strength                      --                                               2700 Kg. / cm2

Impact Strength                                Falling Ball                                2500 mm.

Hardness Surface                            D Scale                                     95

Surface Resistance                         LD 1 - 2.01                               400 Cycles

General Specifications

Sizes Available in 2 sizes
Thickness 6 mm
Density 1.45 Kg. / / mm.

About The Manufacturer

Eurotex is in the business of Floorings. It presents a comprehensive range of high-class floorings which include Laminate Wooden Flooring, Solid Wood Flooring, Engineered Wood Flooring, High Pressure Laminate, Decking & Cladding, and Wallpaper laminates etc.

At Eurotex, we have a team of expert floor designers who have years of experience in setting up thousands of attractive flooring in wide variety of spaces like homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and malls etcetera.

Eurotex is a renowned name in the Flooring business and has been offering unmatched quality of flooring services for more than a decade. Owing to its unique services ‘Eurotex’ has had the privilege to serve some of the top notch properties in the world.

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