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Water Purification Plants By : Dharmanandan Techno Projects Pvt. Ltd. , Surat
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water treatment plants

inlet flow rate (cubic meter/hour)


We provide our clients Water Purification Plants that is extensively used for removing the excessive salt and other minerals from the water. Our expertise enables us to offer desalination of sea and brackish water, which has been a recognized method for obtaining clean drinking water and fresh water for various industrial & domestic applications and drinking. These Water Purification Plants can also be customized for both the production of drinking water and industrial desalination.
Technical Specification For Packaged Drinking Water Plant And Mineral Water Plant.

Sr. No. Description
1 Raw Water Pump, Make – Kirloskar / Equiv.,
2 Pressure Sand Filter/ Dual Media Filter, Type – Vertical Pressure Vessel, MOC – SS, Filtering Media – Sand, Pebbles, Gravels
3 Activated Carbon Filter/ Anthracite filter, Type – Vertical Pressure Vessel, MOC – SS, Filtering Media – Activated Carbon
4 Antiscalant Dosing Pump, Type – Electronic Diaphragm, Capacity – 0 to 5 LPH, Make – Italy / Equiv.
5 Pre Micron Cartridge Filter Unit, Type – Replaceable, MOC of Cartridge – PP, Micron Rating – 5 micron (1 to 5 no. depending on requirement), MOC of Cartridge Housing – SS
6 High Pressure Pump, Type – Vertical Multistage Centrifugal, MOC – SS, Make – Grundfos / Equiv.
7 RO Module , Item – RO Module consisting of Membrane Housing with Membranes Mounted on Skid, Type of Membrane – Thin Film Composite Spiral Wound, MOC of Membrane – Polyamide, Make of Membrane – Hydronautics / Dow / Equiv, MOC of Membrane Housing – SS
8 RO Skid, MOC – SS
9 Control Panel, Conductivity Meter – 1 No, Flow Meter – 2 No., Pressure Gauge – 2 No.
10 U.V.System, MOC- SS
11 Ozone generator, Type – Vertical, Make – RKTECH / Equiv., Capacity- 2 gm, 5gm, 10gm depending on RO Capacity
12 Ozone circulation pump , Capacity- 2000 LPH, MOC- SS-316
13 Ozone Tank, MOC: SS, Cappacity: 1000 Liter
14 Post Micron Cartridge filter, MOC: SS, Micron: 5
15 Product water Storage tank, MOC:SS, Capacity: As per requirement
14 Piping and Fitting with Valves (Raw water Pump to Product water Storage tank)


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