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Sewage Treatment Plant By : Raindrops Water Technologies , Ahmedabad
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sewage treatment plant



E-flocx is an accelerated electrocoagulation system which destabilizes dissolved, colloidal, emulsified and other stable compounds in water and converts them into suspended particles. These suspended particles get removed on filtration and result in completely colorless, odorless and reusable water.

Eflocx has confirmed to be a very multipurpose process able to handle large variety of wastewaters of different volumes.

Working principle:

The process works on the principle of controlled dissolution of charged ions in water. These charged ions on contacting various pollutants like suspended solids, bacteria, organics, heavy metals etc. neutralize them and coagulate them. 

These coagulated solids are subsequently filtered using suitable filtration equipment.

Features of Eflocx:
  • Eflocx is a state of the art technology designed for today's time.
  • Eflocx technology can lead to lot of saving on space vis-a-vis conventional technology.
  • There are significant savings on labor, chemical cost and electrical power.
  • The process is not based on moving parts there is low maintenance except routine replacement of electrodes.
  • The systems are modular in nature hence expansion and modification is easily possible. The system is portable in nature and thus can be shifted and transported in case the industry is being relocated.
  • The operating cost of system is in the range of Rs. 5 to Rs. 15 per kilo liter (1000 litres) depending on the wastewater characteristics.
  • Advantages of Eflocx compared to conventional systems:

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