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Earthing Electrode By : SG Power , Ghaziabad
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earthing electrode


Color Brown
Condition New
Size (Metre) 3
Shape Round

Copper Earthing Electrode provide long life to equipment, safety of the personnel, does not require any maintenance as well as reduces the maintenance cost. SG make chemical earthing system provide slow resistance path in ground to any fault & leakage currents and ensure the smooth flow of the ground dissipation. SG earthing electrode consists of primary earthing electrode (outer pipe) of 99.9% pure copper pipe. SG Earthing electrodes are sold under Alfred kim brand.

  • SG Earthing Electrodes offer a very good grounding system which provides a low resistance path into the ground
  • Faster Dissipation: SG earthing offer a lower resistance so that the more likely the lightning, surge and fault currents will flow safely and dissipated to the ground
  • Conductive surface area: The backfill compound along with the earth electrode provides the wider conductivity surface area into the ground in comparison to the conventional earthing system
  • Conductive Minerals: The back fill compound form a layer around the electrode and continuously increase the soil conductivity, further reducing impedance and resistance of the soil
  • Soil Augmentation: SG back fill compound is a combination of organic natural minerals which optimize the conductivity of the soil and reduce the resistivity around the earthing electrode. Depending upon the soil conditions, the quantity of the SG back fill compound is increased which shall decrease the soil resistance thus increasing the system efficiency
  • Maintenance Free: SG earthing offers a maintenance free solution, no need of extra water pouring at regular interval as in conventional earthing as the back fill compound poses the nature of retaining the moisture for long time
  • Constant Result: Irrespective of the climatic changes, the ohmic value is maintained constantly over a long period of time
  • Easy Installation: Can be installed indoors or outdoors and in almost all soil condition. For existing or new facilities, requires less space and time
Models Electrode Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Internal Strip Size (mm) Conductive Mineral Filled
SG2402503 CB 40 2000 25x03 Yes
SG2402504 CB 40 2000 25x04 Yes
SG3402504 CB 40 3000 25x04 Yes
SG2503004 CB 50 2000 30x04 Yes
SG3503004 CB 50 3000 30x04 Yes
SG2755006 CB 75 2000 50x06 Yes
SG3755006 CB 75 3000 50x06 Yes

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