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Refrigerated Type Dryer By : TradeXL Media , Delhi
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air dryer


Cooling is the simplest and most positive way of removing moisture from compressed Air. A Refrigerated Dryer has closed-loop Freon circuit, which cools compressed air to a controlled temperature and so condensed moisture is separated out. To prevent freezing of condensed moisture in the heat exchanger, Air/Gas, can be cooled to a minimum temperature of +2-3°C  approx i.e. the dew point of dried fluid at operating pressure 7 kgf/Cm2g is (+) 2°C  and its corresponding atmospheric dew point would be (-) 22°C  (approx). These dryers are suitable for the applications where the maximum dew point of (-) 20 to (-) 22°C  (Atm.) is normally acceptable.

Compressed Air Dryers

Moisture Use Air / Gas Dryer
Water or Moisture in the compressed air system causes air leakages, damages tools systems and ultimately increases cost.

Product Specifications

Problems due to unwanted moisture in the compressed air system
  • Rust and scale deposit in steel pipes causes leakages, increase resistance to flow.
  • Malfunctioning of pressure control equipment & instrumentation.
  • Corrosion in Solenoid valves & Pneumatic cylinders.
  • Solidification of media in pneumatic conveying systems.
  • Bubbling or orange peal effect in paint spraying & powder coating.
  • Sluggish operation of cylinder, valves & other moving parts.
  • This results in loss of efficiency & material and increases downtime. Moisture is usually the single major cause of unnecessary costs to compressed air system. The cost of drying air is much lower than the damage. Thus clean, dry compressed air produced using air Dryer is essential for effective pneumatic system.

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